Nocturnal Study

25 January 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 485.7 hours

I woke to the sound of someone repeating the same two syllables of Thai over and over. XYXY he’d say, then…pause; XYXY…pause; XYXY…pause; XYXY… a flatly intoned monotonous singsong.

It was still dark out and my watch showed a time of 4-something-AM. The voice was coming from beyond the door to my terrace, which overlooks the oddly-angled parking lot between my building and the street.

XYXY…pause; XYXY…pause; XYXY…pause….

Both irritated and curious, I went out to the terrace to have a look.

Down below, standing at the far end of one of the parking spaces, was the night guard. He seemed way too small for his uniform – or was that just the effect of darkness, shadow and light? Over and over he motioned to a car that was pulling into the space at infinitely slow speed. XYXY, he said, XYXY….

The car, although it was moving, didn’t really seem to be getting anywhere.

I went back to bed. Eventually the voice stopped, and I fell back to sleep.

The incident faded from my mind, but I remembered it this evening when I heard, coming from outside, those same two syllables being intoned over and over….


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