Regarding Rewatching

5 March 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 552.5 hours

A friend of mine who also went to AUA once told me that he thought if you were going to try to learn Thai by watching movies, it would be best to get one movie and watch it repeatedly. In a certain way, that makes sense, but it hasn’t been my approach.

For one thing, I think I’d easily get bored and become inattentive, watching the same thing over and over; and once attention drops away, I don’t think you learn much, even if you are being exposed to the language.

Also I think that watching a large assortment of things, you do end up getting exposure to the same language over and over, but with the added benefit of getting to see it being used in a variety of different contexts and situations.

I have occasionally watched a movie a second time, but always months after the first viewing, and it was always a film that I had enjoyed and actually wanted to see again. For instance, the other day my internet connection wasn’t working so well, so I rewatched ใครในห้อง krai…nai hong (English title, Who are you?). It was still enjoyable the second time around, and I think I understood just about everything going on, and a fair amount (most?) of the words used. There were no big revelations though, so maybe I’d pretty thoroughly understood it on the first viewing, which was – maybe about a year ago?

I’ll sometimes back up a bit in a lakorn and re-watch, for one of a variety of reasons: like I’m resuming watching something that I’d left mid-scene and want to jog my memory as to what’s going on; or I realize that my mind’s been elsewhere for the last minute or so; or maybe the video’s been sputtering, starting and stopping, so it’s best to just restart the scene. And sometimes it’s because I didn’t get something that seemed important.

Often I don’t get anymore out of the second viewing than the first – especially, it seems, when my reason for re-viewing is that there was something in the scene that I couldn’t understand.

But other times, it’s kind of amazing, I end up catching words (and meaning) that I had totally missed on the first viewing.

Still, I have no desire to watch a lakorn (or movie, or anything for that matter) continually backing up to re-view the same scene over and over. I think that whatever increased understanding or learning I’d gain wouldn’t be worth the destruction of the narrative’s pacing, nor the resulting boredom.

But I do sometimes think about re-watching in its entirety one of the lakorns that I’ve already seen. Especially thinking about my last post, I realized that one possible way of assessing progress might be to rewatch มณีสวาท manee sawat – or any other of the first several lakorn that I’d watched – and see if there are plot developments or exchanges of dialogue (etc) that stand out as things I hadn’t caught the first time around.

It could be fun. And there are lakorn that I’ve seen that I think I’d actually enjoy seeing again, manee sawat included. But not yet. Because recently I’ve gotten into watching stuff for which there’s little to no English language information, and some of which is pretty offbeat from the perspective of the traditional lakorn formula.

A recherché pleasure to be sure, but it’s fun being oh so cutting edge….

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