Breakfast At Woody’s

12 May 2014, TV = 775.4 hours

Guest Pat (third from the right, and seated next to Woody) discusses her book.


ตื่นมาคุย deun ma kwee is a morning talk show with topics like celebrity news and interviews, human interest stories, diet and exercise, and lots and lots of “marketable stuff” – the show practically devolves into an infomercial during the considerable time it spends on various products and services. (Examples that I’ve seen have included a new airline route; a theme park; a new line of luggage; skin care products; the opening of a new mall; a novelty pastry shop; etc, etc).

Deun ma kwee‘s conversational format makes it relatively easy to follow, as does its choice of subject matter, and the visuals often tip you off to at least what the main topic is. It’s definitely a much easier show to understand than, say, “serious” news coverage of politics and business. I’d say it’s often roughly comparable to lakorn in terms of understandability, but I’ve certainly gotten lost during deun ma kwee, and maybe some of the hardest segments to follow are the celebrity stories, which probably comes down to my scant knowledge of Thai pop culture (and this despite all those hours watching lakorn!).

The clip above caught my attention in part because I recently had my first real intentional insect-eating experience during my last trip to Isaan. (Though in the past, I used to sometimes eat a certain insect chili paste, but without having any real idea of its ingredients….).

I was also struck by the amount of English used here – or would that more properly be “Thai words of English origin”? It could be a blurry line, especially given that the pronunciation of these words is often more English than Thai.

I frequently see the Thai words for protein and calcium on food packaging – they’re simply direct transliterations of the English. On the other hand I would guess that a lot of the English being used here is not common currency in Thai, and that what we’re getting instead is more an infusion of actual English into Thai by a Thai speaker who’s pretty proficient – maybe even fluent – in English.

Note that Pat (the guest) has written both Thai and English versions of her book; note also the part of the clip, from roughly 6:50 to 7:30, where neither Pat nor Woody can come up with a Thai equivalent or translation of the English biochemistry.

Well, maybe sometimes biochemistry is just biochemistry.

* * *

If you’d like to watch deun ma kwee, you have several options:

You can stream it live on MCOT, as it airs weekday mornings from 8:00 to 8:45 am.

You can watch clips on

You can watch clips on youtube – there’s a large collection on WOODYTALK CH.

* * *

Additional notes:

•According to a wikipedia article, deun ma kwee has aired since 2008, and was initially called เช้าดูวู้ดดี้ chao doo Woody (Woody Daily). Host วุฒิธร มิลินทจินดา (Woody Milintachinda) also has a weekly show – which I’ve not yet watched – called วู้ดดี้ เกิดมาคุย Woody gerd ma kwee, which airs Sunday nights at 10:30 pm, also on MCOT.

•Also – to follow up on the English language angle – Woody, from what I’ve seen, speaks excellent English, and has interviewed numerous foreign celebrities. A recent deun ma kwee episode had him interviewing (in English) Australian football player Robbie Farah.

•The guest in the above clip is Prima Yontrarak (Pat), and her book is titled แมลงกินได้; the English version is The Poor Land of Plenty: Edible Insects and Other Natural Sources of Nutrients. There’s a website, too.


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