Lakorn Koan

28 May 2014, TV = 775.9 hours

From สามีตีตรา samee tee tra (2001)

This sounds aphoristic. It actually sounds quite close to a Zen koan that’s so well known it’s cliché, except that the context here gives what Pisut says a practical, down to earth meaning that the koan seems to lack.

Here’s the complete scene, where Pisut urges Peung to stop provoking his wife:


UPDATE (13 June 2014):

So I watched this clip again and now I’m hearing one of the words differently, so that what Pisut says no longer sounds quite so reminiscent of Zen’s famous sound-of-one-hand-clapping koan. But it still sounds like an aphorism or maxim, and the import is much the same: Peung should desist and leave Gang alone.


UPDATE (16 June 2014):

Bad news: the samee tee tra clips have been removed from youtube. Good news: the expression Pisut uses can also be heard in the first episode of the 2011 รอยมาร roy marn – see Hmmm….




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