16 June 2014, TV = 793.1 hours

I just started watching the 2011 version of รอยมาร roy marn, and here’s Bee using the exact words used by one of the characters in the 2001 สามีตีตรา samee tee tra; it would seem that this is indeed some kind of expression or aphorism in Thai, as I had surmised (see the post Lakorn Koan). Unfortunately, all the samee tee tra videos have been deleted, along with BottleBrush12’s entire youtube channel — which is going to impact other parts of this blog as well, such as some of the links on the my lakorn list page.

I like using Thai language video clips in blog posts because it allows me to provide instances of the language while adhering to ALG principles such as not translating, focusing on content as opposed to language, and (hopefully) being entertaining/interesting; but some of these clips are proving ephemeral (see Stay Foreign Or Go Native?, whose Full House clip was made inaccessible shortly after the post appeared), and I’m afraid their disappearances have left those posts in a vitiated, not-so-readable condition.

Ah the hazards of blogging; BottleBrush12, please come back!!

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