thaiwithoutstudy’s First Birthday, ครบรอบ๑ปี!

22 June 2014, TV = 812.5 hours

“Happy Birthday” — the ‘simple English’ version? — from episode 9 of รอยมาร Roy Marn (2011)


To celebrate this blog’s first birthday, I’m bringing back some posts that I really like!

…learningIt Can Take Time For Things To Fall Into Place

…understanding (or not!)Eavesdropping

…speakingEat Thai Speak Thai

…readingBuses, Trains, Signs and Reading

…something newA Trace Indicator Of Change

…something oldDeepy Engrained

…a new discoveryKnowing A Language: How Well Do You Know Your Native Language

4 thoughts on “thaiwithoutstudy’s First Birthday, ครบรอบ๑ปี!

  1. tomoatsu Igarashi (Tomo)

    Congratulations on your blog reaches its first birthday.I will continue to look forward to your fun posts.


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