A Little Something I Never Learned At AUA

29 July 2014, TV = 839.2 hours

Maybe my teachers were too serene and unflappable to express such sentiments…

…or maybe, in the interests of language learning, I should have done something to provoke them…

…at any rate, I don’t think this is an impolite expression: I’ve heard it used on an audio CD of  children’s bedtime stories that I recently got…

…it’s also good to know that there’s an abbreviated version, maybe for when things are so bad that you can’t manage more than a monosyllabic response…

…anyways, it’s nice to know that beyond the variations in culture and language, time and place, certain sentiments are universal!

* * *

Note: In Why I Like Lakorn Better Than Movies I had also noted language usage that’s typical of lakorn, but that I couldn’t recall running across in the classroom.

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