Brought To You By The Letter ท

4 October 2014, TV = 884.7 hours

Time for me to take a break from blogging so I can get out of Bangkok and see some parts of Thailand that I’ve not yet been to. But before I go, here’s a คาราบาว (carabao) song with a connection, tenuous as it may be, to the พยัญชนะไทย — the Thai “consonants” which I had  been posting about (see here) before detouring into the world of Thai TV these last couple posts.

Anyway, here’s “ท.ทหารอดทน”:

And speaking of Thai entertainment…just a quick mention of two things that I really enjoyed watching, but that I don’t have the time/inclination to write up as longer posts:

เมืองมายา The Series (meuang maya the series) is a well written, well acted lakorn whose plot revolves around the poisonously dysfunctional relationships between the actors on a lakorn shoot. It’s only about 10 hours long and a lean 10 hours at that; it’s also the only lakorn I’ve seen that (hopefully this isn’t giving too much away) would really fall under the heading of tragedy.

ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds), currently playing in movie theaters (at least here in Bangkok), is a drama set in late 1997 Bangkok during the “tam yum koong” financial crisis. It’s a world where ease of mobility — whether of people or money — has a destabilizing effect, and the mood portrayed is one that paradoxically combines stasis/stagnation with instability/incipient change. Neither the economy nor the relationships between the characters seem “workable” and yet that’s where the characters dwell — for the time being.

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