80s/90s Recreation

26 October 2014, TV = 903.4 hours

So I was finally able to find a short clip from ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds) that contains one of the music video sequences; though the movie is set in 1997, this scene has Mutt playing a tape that his ex-girlfriend Sai had made for him back in his college days — so could the song actually be from the 80s? In any event, the clip segues into a music video with Mutt’s younger brother Nic and his friend Poupee; I’m guessing that the stylized visuals are meant to evoke the music videos of yesteryear (see yesterday’s post).

The entire clip is subtitled in English, as was the version of ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds) that I saw in the theater a few weeks ago. I usually avoid watching Thai language material with English subs because reading them — which is just about impossible for me not to do — distracts me from paying attention to the actual spoken Thai. (For example, I don’t use English-subbed material for the “TV” — Thai video — watching project whose hour-count I note at the beginning of each post).

So ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds) was the first English subbed thing I’d seen in a really long time. Of course I read the subs — I didn’t even try not to. But I guess my comprehension’s gotten better because I was also able to catch a fair amount of the Thai. In some cases the subs allowed me to understand what would otherwise have remained incomprehensible, all those lines of dialogue ammalgamating words I understand with those I can’t, but never really “adding up” to anything meaningwise.

But in other cases I understood the Thai perfectly well, and could observe the ways in which the Thai and the English, although aiming at conveying the same general meaning, would part company in terms of what was actually being said.

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