More Difficult Scenes From มณีสวาท (manee sawat)

18 November 2014, TV = 991.1 hours

Continuing on from the last post

The first part of this clip is pretty easy to follow, as Jao Uraka once again ignores Yomanak’s warnings that her present actions will have bad karmic consequences down the line. In the second part, Jao gets to see for herself that their renewed relationship isn’t what’s uppermost in Chai’s mind. I find the monk one of the harder characters to understand, but I get the overall gist: he’s not going to do anything that would aid Chai’s quest for vengeance (from มณีสวาท manee sawat episode 11):

* * *

Kun Subahn is leaning toward a peaceful resolution (including giving up on Jao?), but his right-hand man seems to be warning him that it might be too late for that, and that leaving Kun Chai alive would be a dangerous mistake. A lot of unknown words, and a lot of the particulars escape me (from มณีสวาท manee sawat episode 11):

* * *

In the wake of irreperable loss, Jao seems to finally be willing to accept Yomanak’s advice. Again, a lot of unknown words, though I can follow, to a certain extent, the discussion of what went wrong and how to fix it (from มณีสวาท manee sawat episode 13):

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