Chinese Thai

21 November 2014, TV = 1008.5 hours

Wife number three throwing a fit in Thai with a pretty heavy Chinese accent — in contrast, her servant sounds thoroughly Thai to me; from a scene in episode one of มงกุฎดอกส้ม mong kut dawk som, a lakorn about an ethnically Chinese Thai family:

* * *

Probably not the greatest show for learning Thai, as some of the characters, like wife number three, have accents strong enough to make them hard to understand, and I think it might be fair to say that their Thai is actually “bad” in the sense of being blatantly mispronounced. But I started watching and got really interested — it’s a good lakorn, and the first one I’ve ever seen about Chinese Thais.

I’ve watched the first couple episodes so far, and none of the characters actually speak Chinese. As for the Chinese subs — they’re just coincidence: I had to watch a Chinese subtitled version of the first episode because it was mostly missing from the main playlist I’m using.

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