On Experiencing Technical Difficulties

24 November 2014, TV = 1012.2 hours

I’ve had a bad run of luck with the lakorns I’ve been watching lately1, not in terms of the shows themselves — which have been quite good — but on the technical side of things: episodes — or parts of episodes — which are missing or have had their audio tracks muted out.

With missing episodes, sometimes there’s an alternative version uploaded on youtube that I can watch — and sometimes not. Audio tracks seem to be muted out across variant uploadings due to copyright infringement claims, though since different uploaders follow different strategies in terms of how to “cut” a lakorn into shorter segments — i.e., some people will upload whole episodes, each usually 85-100 minutes in length, while other people will cut each episode up into shorter segments of about 10-15 minutes long — it’s sometimes possible to find an alternate version which minimizes the “mute time.”

But again, sometimes there’s only one version of a lakorn online.

Add this to the growing list of technical problems that I’ve had with language learning: patchy internet connections, sketchy skype calls, and unreadable disks (VCDs and DVDs)2; I guess technical difficulties that impact language learning is a specifically modern problem.

So I’ve ended up in effect watching shows with holes punched in them: from a few minutes missing from borisud bombut kaen to two whole hours gone from rai risaya; luckily, it doesn’t really effect my ability to understand, follow, and enjoy the narratives. Lakorn are pretty forgiving that way.

* * *


1. Specifically, the 2001 version of แรงเงา raeng ngao; บริษัทบำบัดแค้น borisud bumbud kaen; ร่ายริษยา rai risaya; and now มงกุฎดอกส้ม mong kut dawk som.

2. Another problem is lakorn that disappear due to videos being deleted from youtube, which not only precludes rewatching them, but also screws up to some degree posts that feature clips from these lakorn; see Hmmm…., or just browse through this blog and look for the posts with clips that are big black unplayable rectangles!

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