Doing Heavy Research For The Weekend Music

2 January 2015, TV = 1033.0 hours

Music blared from the bus’ PA system almost the entire nine and a half hour bus ride back to Bangkok (this was Viriya Tours) — loud enough that I couldn’t ignore it, though thankfully not loud enough to be injurious. To me this is incomprehensible, given that most people have their own music on their phones; and though I did listen to music through my phone at times, what I inevitably ended up with was a mash-up between the bus’ music and my own.

On the other hand, at least it was almost all in Thai, and while I found some of it kind of ehh, there were some songs I quite liked, such as this anthemic piece:

Afterwards, I could only remember the words ใจสู้ — they featured prominently in the chorus, so I thought maybe they’d be part of the title as well. I already knew how to spell ใจ because I’ve been practicing writing out certain Thai words and phrases lately; I didn’t know สู้ but was able to reverse-look it up with google translate.

Anyway, the song came up toward the top of a youtube search. Maybe you could translate ใจสู้ as “fighting spirit”? I guess the name of the song is ใจสู้หรือเปล่า ไหวไหมบอกมา — the phrase forms part of the chorus (for instance at 1:18 to 1:29). I have no idea who sings it, though.

A note about the imagery: it seems like Thailand has problems with flooding every year, but 2011 — the year that this video was uploaded — ended up being the worst in decades with (if I remember correctly) over 500 people killed and a huge amount of property damage.

2 thoughts on “Doing Heavy Research For The Weekend Music

    1. adamf2011 Post author

      Thanks Bee, for posting the official video, along with the song’s real name — ศรัทธา — and the name of the group that sings it, หิน เหล็ก ไฟ.


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