The Really, Really Big House Of Bees Is Back!

20 January 2015, TV = 1051.4 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1069 hours, total class time = 2007 hours

And I thought I was being such the wit when last year I ended a post about a giant beehive with two photos placed side by side, both close-ups and all texture and pattern: one of the beehive, the other of a large Bangkok apartment building. Sometimes it’s funnier to imply something pictorially — like, wouldn’t two pictures be worth 2000 words? — than to just state it baldly.

But then walking around Bangkok I come across


For me the name evokes not only bees but also, as metaphor, the densely packed masses of people and the frenetic activity (and perhaps dehumanization) of an industrial setting; a “hive of activity” really doesn’t sound like any place I’d want to call home.

What, I wonder, does รัง evoke for native Thai speakers?

Language-wise my primary interest is of course Thai, but English is definitely an ingredient frequently stirred into the scene here, and I continue to be fascinated by its quirky handling, sometimes poetic, sometimes roughshod, sometimes just odd.

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