Clean, Complete Copy Of ยังไม่ลืม

7 March 2015, TV = 1096.5 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1082 hours, total class time = 2020 hours

Thai Research Division “B” once again came through with the goods — in this case a link to a complete copy of the song that I’d posted about a few weeks ago, including Thai lyrics and option to download. To get at the song, close out the pop-up ad obliterating the web page by clicking the little “>” in the black bar.

4 thoughts on “Clean, Complete Copy Of ยังไม่ลืม

  1. Things That Never Made It Into Print...

    I don’t see the “pop-up ad obliterating web page” here, but I know exactly what you mean! They are SO annoying, especially when they pretend that you can close them, by providing a phantom X, which is there to increase frustration, as you keep tapping it, and it just won’t go away!

    Where’s the link?


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