Recent Fare

3 May 2015, TV = 1163.5 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1150 hours, total class time = 2088 hours

Despite the last couple posts (here and here), I really haven’t been into watching lakorn that much this year. In late January I’d started watching ลายมนุษย์ (lai manut), which I would consider to be a well-made but glacially-paced family/corporate drama about incredibly nice, meek people and the corporate/social-ladder climbing sociopaths who they let stomp all over them.

I couldn’t get into it. I watched less and less each day, and the lakorn ground to a halt about one third of the way through. Meanwhile I increasingly turned to non-lakorn TV: a talk show, various documentaries, and a series of tutoring videos aimed at Thai high school — or was it junior high? — students. (I should really make more of an effort to remember the difference between ม. and ป.). And that was pretty much it for lakorn till last month’s rewatching of มณีสวาท (manee sawat).

These were pretty good shows for my level of Thai, and a nice change of pace from lakorn; maybe I’ll try to do some short posts on some of these shows, if I can find the time. Because in addition to my usual TV watching, I’ve also been going to class at AUA, meeting with conversation partners, and listening to a fair amount of audio (much of which are homemade audio books that I record with native Thai speakers).

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