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More Poo Than I Ever Knew: A Failure To Differentiate

8 August 2014, TV = 841.6 hours

I’ve updated the previous post with some corrections and an explanatory note, after a reader pointed out that I’d mistakenly used the same word for both ชมพู่

image retrieved from continued…


3 July 2014, TV = 829.0 hours

Once again I’m taking a bit of a break from blogging, but I’ve set some posts to publish while I’m gone. Comments are welcome as always, but I probably won’t be able to get to them until I return.

thaiwithoutstudy’s First Birthday, ครบรอบ๑ปี!

22 June 2014, TV = 812.5 hours

“Happy Birthday” — the ‘simple English’ version? — from episode 9 of รอยมาร Roy Marn (2011)


To celebrate this blog’s first birthday, I’m bringing back some posts that I really like! continued…


16 June 2014, TV = 793.1 hours

I just started watching the 2011 version of รอยมาร roy marn, and here’s Bee using the exact words used by one of the characters in the 2001 สามีตีตรา samee tee tra; it would seem that this is indeed some kind of expression or aphorism in Thai, as I had surmised continued…


15 May 2014, TV = 775.9 hours

I’ll be wandering away from my keyboard and taking a break from thaiwithoutstudy (the blog, that is – not the activity), so it’ll probably take some time before I can respond to comments. In the meantime I’ve preset some posts to publish while I’m gone.

Assorted Thoughts

8 April 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 714.3 hours

There’s an interesting (in my opinion) conversation going on concerning thinking in foreign languages and the impact that your native language can have on your understanding of, and speaking abilities in, a second language continued…