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At Rama IX Park

17 July 2015, TV = 1172.6 hours

AUA: total class time = 2180 hours; taking reading/writing level 2

advanced class = 1199 hours; reading/writing classes = 43 hours

At Rama IX Park, which I went to this morning and which is less centrally located than the probably better-known Lumpini Park, but which I think I like better because it feels more secluded — like you can actually kind of feel like you’re out of the city, and when you look off into the distance you don’t see a glass wall of skyscraper standing sentinel at the park’s edge — continued…

Human Pictionary

20 June 2015, TV = 1169.5 hours

AUA: total class time = 2139 hours; taking reading/writing level 1

advanced class = 1178 hours; reading/writing class = 23 hours

สบาย 8 ส่วน, from the senior project exhibition of Chulalongkorn University's Industrial Design students; photo by

สบาย 8 ส่วน, from an exhibit by Chulalongkorn University’s Industrial Design students

A Galaxy Of Books

30 March 2015, TV = 1114.8 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1118 hours, total class time = 2056 hours

I went to the Bangkok Book Fair early this afternoon thinking I’d just check it out and maybe pick up a couple books; I left several hours later with a dozen new volumes in Thai (all children’s books). Oh well.

43rd National Book Fair and 13th Bangkok International Book Fair 2015

Just one small sliver of the 2015 Bangkok Book Fair


The Really, Really Big House Of Bees Is Back!

20 January 2015, TV = 1051.4 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1069 hours, total class time = 2007 hours

And I thought I was being such the wit when last year I ended a post about a giant beehive with two photos placed side by side, both close-ups and all texture and pattern: one of the beehive, the other of a large Bangkok apartment building. Sometimes it’s funnier to imply something pictorially — like, wouldn’t two pictures be worth 2000 words? — than to just state it baldly.

But then walking around Bangkok I come across

hive_building_2 continued…


4 January 2015, TV = 1033.8 hours

I had just finished an all-day bus ride from northern Thailand back to Bangkok and boarded the battered old city bus which would take me from the Mo Chit bus terminal to the BTS skytrain, which I would use to get to my neighborhood. As the bus exited Mo Chit, it dipped violently downward to the accompaniment of a loud scraping sound: metal against pavement. Apparently we’d hit some kind of pothole, or maybe a shallow ditch. And as the bus lurched, I reflexively blurted out continued…

A Radio Day

22 July 2014, TV = 832.3 hours

Radio station in the city of Khon Kaen, one of the major cities in Isaan.

Radio station in the city of Khon Kaen, one of the major cities in Isaan (from a previous trip of mine, not the one described in this post).

I just didn’t feel like reading. Instead, I stared out the windows as the bus made its way along the winding mountainous roads of western Loei. Even after we had descended to lower ground in Petchabun, mountain chains off in the distance to the east and west paralleled our route continued…


10 May 2014, TV = 775.4 hours

สีฟ้า sign on Thong Lor, in Bangkok.

สีฟ้า sign on Thong Lor, in Bangkok.

Walking down Bangkok’s Thong Lor, my attention was arrested by the elegance of this sign. I was at first surprised that the Thai should appear in English transliteration only, without any actual Thai. continued…

Sometimes They Just Don’t Want You To Know

30 April 2014, TV = 748.0 hours

This was the scene at my local BTS stop yesterday:

Thai advertisement, 29 April 2014

Advertisement for…what?

Attempting to read the two lines of text, I stood there squinting – my vision’s gotten a bit worse in recent years (and spending all this time staring into a computer screen watching lakorn and blogging etc probably hasn’t helped!); the Thai writing system, though now a fairly familiar sight in so far as most of the individual letters go, is still no match for English in terms of instant recognizability; and – oh yeah! – I’m basically illiterate in Thai. continued…