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The Last Couple Months: A Look Back

24 April 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 733.2 hours

The Numbers

During a 47-day period stretching from late February through early April, I logged 228.9 hours of unsubtitled Thai-language TV and movies – an average of 4.9 hours per day. continued…

Back in Thailand, Back to Thai

6 November 2013; AT5 = 1059 hours; total class time = 1997 hours; TV = 398.7 hours

I got back to Thailand from my U.S. trip about 10 days ago. Before I left for the States, I had gotten the occasional comment about how my Thai would decline if I were away for awhile; having returned, I would now say that that’s not been the case – at least with regard to understanding spoken Thai. continued…

A Trace Indicator Of Change

12 September 2013; AT5 = 1051 hours; total time = 1989 hours; TV = 352.2 hours

I’m on my first visit home since going to Thailand two and a quarter years ago. I arrived here in the far southeastern corner of the U.S. about 10 days ago, and there really isn’t any Thai here continued…

Travel, TV and Movies (7 Jan 2013)

7 January 2013; AT5 = 764 hours; total time = 1702 hours; TV = 294 min

Today I’ll return to school having had a three week break while AUA was closed for Christmas and new year’s, during which I took a week-long trip through central Thailand. In my travels I got into several fairly long, involved conversations in Thai. As usual, my listening and speaking abilities varied quite a bit. Continue reading

Break from School + Escape from Bangkok (21 Oct 2012)

21 October 2012; AT5 = 577 hours; total time = 1510 hours

I resumed classes the other day after my longest break yet from school: three weeks of only 15 hours a week (instead of my usual 30 or more) followed by four weeks off. I did this because I wanted a change of pace, a break from the routine of school, and to give my brain a rest from Thai.

I didn’t really get away from using Thai, though Continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Early AT5 (May 2012)

5 May 2012; AT5  = 168 hours; total time = 1091 hours

AT5 has proven tougher than I initially thought. When I wrote the march 2012 entry, I had only just started AT5; as I noted, it didn’t seem like that big of a leap from AT3. But as I put in more hours I felt like it was actually getting harder to understand what was going on in class. Continue reading

The First 1000 Hours, Part 4 (March 2012)

March 2012

I typically go to class for six hours a day, five or six days a week. About every two months or so I take a break from AUA for a couple weeks.

I started classes at AUA upon my arrival in Thailand in June 2011, beginning with AT 1. It’s now March 2012 and I have logged about 950 hours in all at AUA, and have recently moved up to AT 5 (at which level I’ve done 28 hours so far).

My memory of my first days of AT 1 is of often not understanding, or only dimly understanding, what was going on in class. Continue reading