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More Difficult?

24 April 2015, TV = 1145.7 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1147 hours, total class time = 2085 hours

The thing that strikes me about สามีตีตรา (samee tee tra) — I’m watching last year’s version, though what I had really wanted was to rewatch the 2001 version, but that, unfortunately, has been taken down — is how much “harder” it is than มณีสวาท (manee sawat). continued…

ร่ายริษยา Rai Risaya

7 February 2015, TV = 1075.7 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1069 hours, total class time = 2007 hours

Scene from early on in ร่ายริษยา (rai risaya), as the story — along with the protagonists’ romance —  is just getting started; a scene I had wanted to come back to because it’s got a lot of vocab that flies right over my head:

ร่ายริษยา (rai risaya) is a fun little Thai TV channel 3 lakorn from 2007 which starts off as an island resort romance, morphs into the story of a young couple who are the subject of multiple machinations designed to tear them apart, and then becomes a tale of attempted murder and revenge. continued…

More Difficult Scenes From มณีสวาท (manee sawat)

18 November 2014, TV = 991.1 hours

Continuing on from the last post

The first part of this clip is pretty easy to follow, as Jao Uraka once again ignores Yomanak’s warnings that her present actions will have bad karmic consequences down the line. In the second part, Jao gets to see for herself that their renewed relationship isn’t what’s uppermost in Chai’s mind. I find the monk one of the harder characters to understand, but I get the overall gist: he’s not going to do anything that would aid Chai’s quest for vengeance (from มณีสวาท manee sawat episode 11):


Difficult Scenes From มณีสวาท (manee sawat)

15 November 2014, TV = 980.9 hours

Here are four scenes from มณีสวาท (manee sawat) that contain a good amount of words that I don’t know. I find scenes two and four pretty hard to grasp, and my understanding of what’s being said there is quite vague; whereas scenes one and three I was able to follow fairly closely — but even so there’s plenty of unknown vocab that I run up against.

* * *

An increasingly acrimonious conversation between Kun Subahn and Jao Uraka. Of the four scenes, I think this is the one I can follow most closely (from episode 7 of มณีสวาท manee sawat):


Rang Ngao (แรงเงา) Redux

6 November 2014, TV = 931.4 hours

It wasn’t exactly a rewatch, but I recently viewed the 2001 version of แรงเงา rang ngao. I had seen the 2012 version about a year and a half ago — it was only the second lakorn I ever watched.1

Discussing the future of their relationship: Pope lies, and Mutta — whether out of need or simple naivete — willingly believes:

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the basic (fairly spoiler-free) premise of rang ngao: continued…

Cryptic Aphoristic

4 November 2014, TV = 918.6 hours

Office supervisor Jangjit dispenses some aphoristic-sounding wisdom in the aftermath of the big showdown with Napa, in this scene from the 2001 version of แรงเงา raeng ngao:


Easy Listening

25 July 2014, TV = 833.7 hours

OK, so I do tend write a lot about the misfires: not understanding, misunderstanding, misspeaking, etc. Maybe I take for granted what I can already do, focusing disproportionately on what I can’t. Or, maybe it’s the simple reality that a lot of real-life-Thai is above my capabilities – sometimes just slightly above, sometimes completely out of reach. continued…