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Sometimes It’s All In Your Head

6 January 2015, TV = 1035.9 hours

I needed to make a dental appointment for my semi-annual cleaning and checkup, so I call the hospital whose dental clinic I’ve been using; the phone is answered with an automated message that informs me that I can “press nine for English.” continued…

Total Telephone Call Fail

23 January 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 485.7 hours

Even in my native English, I’m not a phone person – but I absolutely dread phone calls in Thai, despite the fact that I’ve been managing them fairly well for over a year now. I guess it’s the lack of body language and facial expression, plus the lower (sometimes considerably so) sound quality – it just makes it a lot harder for me to understand the other person. continued…

Signs of Progress + My Old Friend, English (8 Feb 2013)

8 February 2013; AT5 = 812 hours; total time = 1750 hours; TV =  54.1 hours

I’ll start this entry by noting a couple things that I take to be signs of my making progress with Thai, and that actually happened around the time that I wrote the last entry.

The first was that I got through a ten minute phone conversation, all in Thai. Continue reading