ALG: Automatic Language Growth. The method of teaching Thai used at AUA Chumchuri, in which the focus is on content and experience, not on the language being used, and which relies heavily on non-verbal communication for the less advanced classes. For more information, see this blog entry. ALG is similar to crosstalk (see below).

AT1, AT2, AT3, AT5: The names of the Thai classes offered at AUA Chumchuri, with AT1 being the most basic class and AT5 being the most advanced; AT = “automatic Thai”. In May 2013 the classes were renamed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

AUA: American University Alumni. An educational institution with branches throughout Thailand, which primarily offers English classes, though some branches also offer Thai. The Chumchuri branch (formerly at Ratchadamri) is the only one to teach Thai via ALG (automatic language growth). More information at AUA.

crosstalk: essentially the same set of communication methods used in AUA’s classes, but employed in situations outside the classroom setting in order to allow people who speak different languages to converse and understand each other.

lakorn: a serialized Thai television program, similar to a soap opera but more like a telenovela.

Thai (language): unless otherwise indicated, this refers to “Standard Thai”. Based on the language spoken in Bangkok and used in schools, government and the media, it forms a kind of national dialect in contradistinction to the many regional dialects. It is this standardized, national Thai which is what is taught at AUA. For more information, see this blog entry.

total time: the total number of hours that I’ve spent in classes at AUA.

TV: Thai Video. The total number of hours that I’ve spent watching unsubtitled television and movies in Thai, since I began keeping track at the beginning of 2013.

wai: a gesture made by placing your hands palms together before you; sometimes used for greetings and farewells.

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