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10 May 2014, TV = 775.4 hours

สีฟ้า sign on Thong Lor, in Bangkok.

สีฟ้า sign on Thong Lor, in Bangkok.

Walking down Bangkok’s Thong Lor, my attention was arrested by the elegance of this sign. I was at first surprised that the Thai should appear in English transliteration only, without any actual Thai. continued…

Free Thai Movies in Bangkok

29 June 2013; AT5 = 1036 hours; total time = 1974 hours; TV = 254.3 hours

Free Thai movies being shown at the Pridi Banomyong Institute in Bangkok, weekend of June 29-30, 2013

The 3 films in the top row were shown today (Sat. June 29), the 3 in the bottom row will screen tomorrow (Sun. June 30)

I caught some free Thai movies today at the Pridi Banomyong Institute. The screening room was more than adequately air conditioned, and the movies were shown without any distracting English subtitles (I rarely bother watching Thai movies in regular commercial movie theaters because they’re almost always subtitled). The first movie was even followed by a Q&A (in Thai).

Three more Thai movies will be screened tomorrow starting at noon. Continue reading