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An Offbeat Nangek (นางเอก)

3 October 2014, TV = 883.4 hours

The little mustachioed man wearing the yellow shirt is one of the delightfully odd minor characters that populate นางเอก (Nangek)1, a lakorn I recently finished watching. Here he responds to his master’s oh-so-earnest questions about love with short ironic quips — in a rather emphatic English, no less — that sharply strip away any notions of romance or seriousness, instead reframing the topic at hand as farce. Well, perhaps the kind of servant who’s sharp enough to not totally buy into his masters’ agendas inevitably winds up an actor, one who can’t help but see the boards of the stage he finds himself on, and who lacks the luxury of viewing himself as anything other than a bit player. In short, a buffoon — but one with an unusual vantage point. continued…