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Recent Fare

3 May 2015, TV = 1163.5 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1150 hours, total class time = 2088 hours

Despite the last couple posts (here and here), I really haven’t been into watching lakorn that much this year. In late January I’d started watching ลายมนุษย์ (lai manut), which I would consider to be a well-made but glacially-paced family/corporate drama about incredibly nice, meek people and the corporate/social-ladder climbing sociopaths who they let stomp all over them continued…

มณีสวาท (Manee Sawat) The Third Time Around

22 April 2015, TV = 1141.3 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1145 hours, total class time = 2083 hours

Yesterday I finished my third go-around with มณีสวาท (manee sawat). The first lakorn I’d ever watched, I rewatched it back in November. Fittingly, it is a tale of cyclicity and recurrence.


More Difficult Scenes From มณีสวาท (manee sawat)

18 November 2014, TV = 991.1 hours

Continuing on from the last post

The first part of this clip is pretty easy to follow, as Jao Uraka once again ignores Yomanak’s warnings that her present actions will have bad karmic consequences down the line. In the second part, Jao gets to see for herself that their renewed relationship isn’t what’s uppermost in Chai’s mind. I find the monk one of the harder characters to understand, but I get the overall gist: he’s not going to do anything that would aid Chai’s quest for vengeance (from มณีสวาท manee sawat episode 11):


Difficult Scenes From มณีสวาท (manee sawat)

15 November 2014, TV = 980.9 hours

Here are four scenes from มณีสวาท (manee sawat) that contain a good amount of words that I don’t know. I find scenes two and four pretty hard to grasp, and my understanding of what’s being said there is quite vague; whereas scenes one and three I was able to follow fairly closely — but even so there’s plenty of unknown vocab that I run up against.

* * *

An increasingly acrimonious conversation between Kun Subahn and Jao Uraka. Of the four scenes, I think this is the one I can follow most closely (from episode 7 of มณีสวาท manee sawat):


Regarding Rewatching

5 March 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 552.5 hours

A friend of mine who also went to AUA once told me that he thought if you were going to try to learn Thai by watching movies, it would be best to get one movie and watch it repeatedly. In a certain way, that makes sense, but it hasn’t been my approach continued…

500 Hours!

24 February 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 504.1 hours

Well I finally broke the 500 hour mark for watching movies and TV in Thai, but it took almost 14 months to do so. continued…