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ร่ายริษยา Rai Risaya

7 February 2015, TV = 1075.7 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1069 hours, total class time = 2007 hours

Scene from early on in ร่ายริษยา (rai risaya), as the story — along with the protagonists’ romance —  is just getting started; a scene I had wanted to come back to because it’s got a lot of vocab that flies right over my head:

ร่ายริษยา (rai risaya) is a fun little Thai TV channel 3 lakorn from 2007 which starts off as an island resort romance, morphs into the story of a young couple who are the subject of multiple machinations designed to tear them apart, and then becomes a tale of attempted murder and revenge. continued…

On Experiencing Technical Difficulties

24 November 2014, TV = 1012.2 hours

I’ve had a bad run of luck with the lakorns I’ve been watching lately1, not in terms of the shows themselves — which have been quite good — but on the technical side of things: episodes — or parts of episodes — which are missing or have had their audio tracks muted out. continued…