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Back in Thailand, Back to Thai

6 November 2013; AT5 = 1059 hours; total class time = 1997 hours; TV = 398.7 hours

I got back to Thailand from my U.S. trip about 10 days ago. Before I left for the States, I had gotten the occasional comment about how my Thai would decline if I were away for awhile; having returned, I would now say that that’s not been the case – at least with regard to understanding spoken Thai. continued…

A Trace Indicator Of Change

12 September 2013; AT5 = 1051 hours; total time = 1989 hours; TV = 352.2 hours

I’m on my first visit home since going to Thailand two and a quarter years ago. I arrived here in the far southeastern corner of the U.S. about 10 days ago, and there really isn’t any Thai here continued…

Vegging With Lakorn

16 August 2013; AT5 = 1050 hours; total time = 1988 hours; TV = 346.5 hours

It’s been close to four weeks since I got back to Bangkok from my last trip, and my main accomplishment in Thai has been watching somewhat over 80 hours of Thai language video (unsubtitled, as usual). Though this included a few hours of movies and regular TV that I resorted to when my internet connection wasn’t being cooperative, it consisted for the most part of four lakorn: Borisud Bumbud Kaen (บริษัทบำบัดแค้น), Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก), Gae Roy Ruk (แกะรอยรัก), and Maya Tawan (มายาตวัน). continued…