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Vegging With Lakorn

16 August 2013; AT5 = 1050 hours; total time = 1988 hours; TV = 346.5 hours

It’s been close to four weeks since I got back to Bangkok from my last trip, and my main accomplishment in Thai has been watching somewhat over 80 hours of Thai language video (unsubtitled, as usual). Though this included a few hours of movies and regular TV that I resorted to when my internet connection wasn’t being cooperative, it consisted for the most part of four lakorn: Borisud Bumbud Kaen (บริษัทบำบัดแค้น), Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก), Gae Roy Ruk (แกะรอยรัก), and Maya Tawan (มายาตวัน). continued…

Why I Like Lakorn Better Than Movies (15 June 2013)

15 June 2013; AT5 = 1036 hours; total time = 1974 hours; TV = 196.2 hours

Yesterday I finished my fourth complete lakorn, the 12 episode Sawan Bieng (สวรรค์เบี่ยง) (2008 version). I felt like I was understanding a significantly greater amount of the dialogue between characters than I had in previous lakorns; in fact, there was a lot of information that I was getting in terms of plot development, relationships between the characters, etc, that was available only from the dialogue. Continue reading