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On Experiencing Technical Difficulties

24 November 2014, TV = 1012.2 hours

I’ve had a bad run of luck with the lakorns I’ve been watching lately1, not in terms of the shows themselves — which have been quite good — but on the technical side of things: episodes — or parts of episodes — which are missing or have had their audio tracks muted out. continued…

Rang Ngao (แรงเงา) Redux

6 November 2014, TV = 931.4 hours

It wasn’t exactly a rewatch, but I recently viewed the 2001 version of แรงเงา rang ngao. I had seen the 2012 version about a year and a half ago — it was only the second lakorn I ever watched.1

Discussing the future of their relationship: Pope lies, and Mutta — whether out of need or simple naivete — willingly believes:

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the basic (fairly spoiler-free) premise of rang ngao: continued…

Cryptic Aphoristic

4 November 2014, TV = 918.6 hours

Office supervisor Jangjit dispenses some aphoristic-sounding wisdom in the aftermath of the big showdown with Napa, in this scene from the 2001 version of แรงเงา raeng ngao:


Ordinary Lives: เด็กชายในเงา dek chai nai ngao

12 August 2014, TV = 843.5 hours

Pan and Wow at home, from เด็กชายในเงา dek chai nai ngao, a 2014 Thai PBS lakorn.

Pan and Wow at home, from เด็กชายในเงา dek chai nai ngao, a 2014 Thai PBS lakorn.

เด็กชายในเงา dek chai nai ngao is one of a few lakorn I’ve seen that I’ve come to think of as “unconventional” or “atypical” in their willingness to break with the formulae and conventions that practically define lakorn as a genre.1 continued…

Vegging With Lakorn

16 August 2013; AT5 = 1050 hours; total time = 1988 hours; TV = 346.5 hours

It’s been close to four weeks since I got back to Bangkok from my last trip, and my main accomplishment in Thai has been watching somewhat over 80 hours of Thai language video (unsubtitled, as usual). Though this included a few hours of movies and regular TV that I resorted to when my internet connection wasn’t being cooperative, it consisted for the most part of four lakorn: Borisud Bumbud Kaen (บริษัทบำบัดแค้น), Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก), Gae Roy Ruk (แกะรอยรัก), and Maya Tawan (มายาตวัน). continued…

Lakorn & Movies (1 June 2013)

1 June 2013; AT5 = 1032 hours; total time = 1970 hours; TV = 149.4 hours

both boring and baffling - what is this movie??

both boring and baffling – what is this movie??

Earlier in the week I finished off the remaining ten episodes of Raeng Ngao (แรงเงา) in just three days, and I’ve since gotten four episodes into a new lakorn called Ruen Hor Ror Hean (เรือนหอรอเฮี้ยน) which, unlike the other two lakorns I’ve watched, is a comedy – a romantic comedy with vampires. I think I’ve followed the overall plots of these shows fairly well, but there’s still a lot that I miss. continued…

Lakorn + Crosstalk (26 May 2013)

26 May 2013; AT5 = 1031 hours; total time = 1969 hours; TV = 124.8 hours

I just yesterday returned from an almost four week stay in the countryside west of Bangkok; but before I write about that, I’d like to give updates on a few other things. Continue reading