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Killing Birds Efficiently — In Thai

13 November 2014, TV = 968.2 hours

Unlike the last Thai expression that I looked at — which really did turn out to be cryptic1 — this one has a meaning that should be familiar to any English speaker, despite the substitution of a gun for a stone.

Alin continues to scheme, in this scene from episode 7 of สูตรเสน่หา (soot saneha):


Cryptic Aphoristic

4 November 2014, TV = 918.6 hours

Office supervisor Jangjit dispenses some aphoristic-sounding wisdom in the aftermath of the big showdown with Napa, in this scene from the 2001 version of แรงเงา raeng ngao:



16 June 2014, TV = 793.1 hours

I just started watching the 2011 version of รอยมาร roy marn, and here’s Bee using the exact words used by one of the characters in the 2001 สามีตีตรา samee tee tra; it would seem that this is indeed some kind of expression or aphorism in Thai, as I had surmised continued…

Lakorn Koan

28 May 2014, TV = 775.9 hours

From สามีตีตรา samee tee tra (2001)

This sounds aphoristic. It actually sounds quite close to a Zen koan that’s so well known it’s cliché, except that the context here gives what Pisut says a practical, down to earth meaning that the koan seems to lack. continued