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A Galaxy Of Books

30 March 2015, TV = 1114.8 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1118 hours, total class time = 2056 hours

I went to the Bangkok Book Fair early this afternoon thinking I’d just check it out and maybe pick up a couple books; I left several hours later with a dozen new volumes in Thai (all children’s books). Oh well.

43rd National Book Fair and 13th Bangkok International Book Fair 2015

Just one small sliver of the 2015 Bangkok Book Fair


Acquiring New Words

10 January 2015, TV 1042.6 = hours

AUA: advanced class = 1068 hours, total class time = 2006 hours

In my experience with learning a language on its own terms, from the inside — in other words, not going through other languages (i.e., not getting translations or explanations in English1), and a lot of the time not even asking what words mean, but just letting their sounds and meanings crystallize in my consciousness of their own accord — I think the acquisition process happens largely on its own timetable. The points at which I’ll start noticing a word, at which the sounds of the word become clear enough to discern, or when the meaning or use of the word comes into focus, don’t seem to be things I can predict or control, though I believe that continually getting more input is what keeps the process going forward. continued…


25 November 2014, TV = 1014.4 hours

One of my favorite new words is โครม — I learned it from the Thai children’s book กระรอกน้อย ไม่มีระเบียบ by ปิติพร วทาทิยาภรณ์.

little squirrel

If you turn the page, the very next words are “แง ๆ เจ็บจังเลย”…I should think so! 😂 — From กระรอกน้อย ไม่มีระเบียบ by ปิติพร วทาทิยาภรณ์.