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Same Old Bag

27 March 2015, TV = 1113.5 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1114 hours, total class time = 2052 hours

Can you spot the Thai word that's got an English cognate?

Can you spot the Thai word that’s got an English cognate?


“Lift”ed From The English

7 November 2014, TV = 936.5 hours

Sign from inside one of Bangkok's BTS skytrain stations.

Sign from within the Bangkok BTS skytrain system.


Breakfast At Woody’s

12 May 2014, TV = 775.4 hours

Guest Pat (third from the right, and seated next to Woody) discusses her book.


ตื่นมาคุย deun ma kwee is a morning talk show with topics like celebrity news and interviews, human interest stories, diet and exercise, and lots and lots of “marketable stuff” continued…

Stay Foreign Or Go Native?

7 May 2014, TV = 772.5 hours

Toward the end of my recent post on inadvertently obscene mispronunciation, I noted that Thai syllables cannot end in the S sound, and that native Thai speakers find this “terminal S” difficult or impossible to pronounce – unless, of course, they’ve learned English (or, presumably, any foreign language which can end a syllable in S).

And then yesterday I was watching episode 18 of วุ่นนักรักเต็มบ้าน woon nak rak tem ban (AKA Full House) and came across this scene:

Uh-oh…video clip no longer available, see note in the update below.