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ทองเนื้อเก้า (thong neua kao) OST

15 August 2015. TV = 1188.4 hours. AUA: reading/writing classes = 60 hours, advanced class = 1203 hours, total class time = 2201 hours; currently at reading/writing level 2.

OST from the 2013 ทองเนื้อเก้า (thong neua kao), which I’m currently rewatching:

The lakorn itself is far from typical, and well worth watching.


A Thai Keyboard And A Half A Song

16 January 2015, TV 1048.1 = hours

AUA: advanced class = 1068 hours, total class time = 2006 hours

I’ve really liked its theme song ever since I saw 1999’s เจ้าสาวปริศนา (jaosao prisana) last year, but the only copy of it I’ve been able to find is this low-fi fragment played over the show’s opening credits:


Doing Heavy Research For The Weekend Music

2 January 2015, TV = 1033.0 hours

Music blared from the bus’ PA system almost the entire nine and a half hour bus ride back to Bangkok (this was Viriya Tours) — loud enough that I couldn’t ignore it, though thankfully not loud enough to be injurious. To me this is incomprehensible, given that most people have their own music on their phones; and though I did listen to music through my phone at times, what I inevitably ended up with was a mash-up between the bus’ music and my own.

On the other hand, at least it was almost all in Thai, and while I found some of it kind of ehh, there were some songs I quite liked, such as this anthemic piece:


80s/90s Recreation

26 October 2014, TV = 903.4 hours

So I was finally able to find a short clip from ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds) that contains one of the music video sequences; though the movie is set in 1997, this scene has Mutt playing a tape that his ex-girlfriend Sai had made for him back in his college days — so could the song actually be from the 80s? continued…

Temporal Slip-Slidin’ And The Other ภวังค์รัก

25 October 2014, TV = 900.2 hours

I really liked the soundtrack to ภวังค์รัก (Concrete Clouds), the recent Thai film that I microreviewed a couple posts back. continued…

Brought To You By The Letter ท

4 October 2014, TV = 884.7 hours

Time for me to take a break from blogging so I can get out of Bangkok and see some parts of Thailand that I’ve not yet been to. But before I go, here’s a คาราบาว (carabao) song with a connection, tenuous as it may be, to the พยัญชนะไทย — the Thai “consonants” which I had  been posting about (see here) before detouring into the world of Thai TV these last couple posts. continued…

กขฃ — Ramble On!

21 September 2014, TV = 847.7 hours

My last post featured some short videos which review the Thai alphabet1 at a fairly brisk clip. But there exist other videos which take a more leisurely, discursive approach to the material. These talky videos take the mnemonic devices associated with each of the letters – person, animal, plant or object – as topics for exploration. continued…

กขฃ — Music (etc) Videos

14 September 2014, TV = 847.7 hours

I’ve been trying to get more familiar with the Thai “alphabet” lately.1 Partly this is a matter of looking more carefully at the characters, but mostly it’s a matter of getting to know their names and the sounds they represent.

There are a lot of resources online continued…

Easy Listening

25 July 2014, TV = 833.7 hours

OK, so I do tend write a lot about the misfires: not understanding, misunderstanding, misspeaking, etc. Maybe I take for granted what I can already do, focusing disproportionately on what I can’t. Or, maybe it’s the simple reality that a lot of real-life-Thai is above my capabilities – sometimes just slightly above, sometimes completely out of reach. continued…

City Mouse / Country Mouse: มาจากดิน

25 June 2014, TV = 818.0 hours

I haven’t found music to be a very effective way of learning Thai, though maybe that will change in the future when my comprehension abilities have improved. I’m guessing that I’ve got quite a ways to go before I reach that point. continued…