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Paying Attention

6 April 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 706.8 hours

Man directing traffic on Thanon Ratchadamri, in Bangkok.

Man directing traffic on Thanon Ratchadamri, in Bangkok.

A few weeks back I was watching a lakorn that I was none too taken with – the 1999 preng ngao เพรงเงา, which I thought wasn’t bad but wasn’t really more than just ok either. I realized that a lot of the time I was paying less than full attention, because my mind kept wandering off. Nonetheless I was usually still able to understand what was going on, at least the main gist of the scene. And if I really didn’t get something, rewatching usually wouldn’t help much. continued…

My First Lakorn, Maneesawat (18 Mar 2013)

18 March 2013; AT5 = 934 hours; total time = 1872 hours; TV = 101.2 hours

For what it’s worth, I just this week passed the 100 hour mark in terms of watching Thai video (movies & TV), and later today when I go to school I will hit the point where my hours in AT5 start to exceed 50% of my total time in the AUA program.

Since the last entry, my video watching has been entirely of one particular Thai lakorn, Maneesawat (มณีสวาท). Continue reading

Fuzzy Comprehension in AT5 + Starting to Figure out the Writing System (Sept 2012)

21 September 2012; AT5 = 567 hours; total time = 1500 hours

Well, I’ve let over 4 months and over 400 hours of class time go by without writing anything further. So first I’d like to describe what’s happened for me in terms of my listening comprehension.

I went through quite a stretch where, although I could follow the main ideas pretty well, the level of detail was quite low; an analogy would be watching a video where the camera was so out of focus that everything would appear as big, flat, blurry silhouettes. I felt pretty discouraged at the time. Continue reading

The First 1000 Hours, Part 5 (March 2012)

March 2012

I’d like to end this first part by going into some of my experiences in class.

As I’ve implied, what you need to do to learn via ALG differs from what you need to do to learn via other methods. Continue reading