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Why I Don’t Want to Learn How to Read Any Time Soon (16 June 2013)

16 June 2013; AT5 = 1036 hours; total time = 1974 hours; TV = 202.7 hours

I think I’ve pretty much decided not to formally study reading and writing any time soon, and some recent experiences have made me feel that this is the right decision.

When I was in Ratchaburi, both my friend O. and the abbot of the temple I was staying at gave me short, impromptu “lessons” in reading. Continue reading

Ratchaburi Continued: “Standard” Thai vs. Passa Chow Ban + What Do Words Refer to, Anyway? (6 June 2013)

6 June 2013; AT5 = 1032 hours; total time = 1970 hours; TV = 160.7 hours

In English I sometimes say that I’m studying Thai, but it would actually be more accurate to add qualifiers and say that I’m studying “standard Thai”, or “official Thai”, or “the national dialect of the Thai language”, or something to that effect. Continue reading

My Stay in Ratchaburi: Near and Far, Stupid and Confused, Chickens and…. (5 June 2013)

5 June 2013; AT5 = 1032 hours; total time = 1970 hours; TV = 159.1 hours

I spent most of last month at two small rural temples in the province of Ratchaburi, a roughly two hour drive west of Bangkok. It was a pretty much all-Thai situation Continue reading

Break from School + Escape from Bangkok (21 Oct 2012)

21 October 2012; AT5 = 577 hours; total time = 1510 hours

I resumed classes the other day after my longest break yet from school: three weeks of only 15 hours a week (instead of my usual 30 or more) followed by four weeks off. I did this because I wanted a change of pace, a break from the routine of school, and to give my brain a rest from Thai.

I didn’t really get away from using Thai, though Continue reading