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“Lift”ed From The English

7 November 2014, TV = 936.5 hours

Sign from inside one of Bangkok's BTS skytrain stations.

Sign from within the Bangkok BTS skytrain system.


Woeful Transliteration #3

24 August 2014, TV = 843.8 hours

clinic sign in silom area, bangkok

Not what you might be thinking….

I see a lot of this in Bangkok — it’s all over the place. continued…

More Poo Than I Ever Knew: A Failure To Differentiate

8 August 2014, TV = 841.6 hours

I’ve updated the previous post with some corrections and an explanatory note, after a reader pointed out that I’d mistakenly used the same word for both ชมพู่

image retrieved fromhttp://simpleayurvedichealthtips.blogspot.com/2013_04_01_archive.html continued…

Woeful Transliteration #2: A Tale Of Two Poos

5 August 2014, TV = 840.5 hours


[Note: I’ve  added strikethrough corrections and comments in square brackets to address a mistake I’d made, see footnote 2 below for the full explanation].

Well, I don’t think this is civet coffee (which anyway I’ve no desire to try).

From my perspective as an English-speaker, however,  there’s even worse: continued…

How I’m Using Written Thai Even Though I’m Only Protoliterate

30 June 2014, TV = 827.1 hours

How I’m using written Thai even though I’m still illiterate (or maybe, to be charitable, “protoliterate”): another step on the slippery slope to “scripteracy”1.

Despite not even being able to read Thai (well, not really being able to read Thai – see footnote 1 below for a bit about my abilities – or lack thereof! – and this post for the rationale behind my decision to not learn how to read), I’ve increasingly been using the written language over the last couple months. continued…