Thai TV Online

This page is mainly for links to stream Thai TV live from the networks’ websites, though there are also some links to (nonlive) video clips. There’s also plenty of Thai TV programming that’s been uploaded to youtube and other sites, for instance see the lakorn page.

If you’ve found something that you don’t see listed here, leave a comment!

* * *

Channel 3 – stream live here or here.

Channel 5 – stream live

Channel 7 – stream live

MCOT – stream Modernine TV, plus many other options available on the ASEAN TV page.

Thai PBS – stream live, or view video clips from TV programs page or the news page.

* * *

There are also sites with links to multiple channels (including non-Thai TV), such as  ThaiPTV, Online Thailand, and TVJAA.

Or you can always just try an online search for ดูทีวีออนไลน์ (“watch TV online”).

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