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Terms Of Endearment

2 May 2014, TV = 755.1 hours

blushing Facebook emoticon, from http://fbemoticonscodes.blogspot.com/2013/02/blushing-emoticon-code-for-facebook-chat.html

Ummmmm…I said WHAT?!?

While writing up Tuesday’s post I reread Stan Carey’s piece on pseudotranslations. Some of the commenters recalled mispronouncing words in a way that had grossly altered the meaning of what they were trying to say, and in some cases the resulting language was sexual or even obscene. continued…

So, What Language Are We Speaking?

22 January 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 483.6 hours

Like a lot of simple transactions, it was almost wordless – and could, in fact, have been conducted entirely without spoken language. continued…


September 16 2013; AT5 = 1051 hours; total time = 1989 hours; TV = 355.3 hours

At some point after I started learning Thai I noticed that my ability to say things in French was taking a hit. Granted, my French is really rusty – it’s been over 20 years since I’ve used the language for anything more than light / brief conversation, and very infrequently at that. continued…

Deeply Engrained

6 September 2013; AT5 = 1051 hours; total time = 1989 hours; TV = 348 hours



Sometimes teachers in the advanced classes at AUA will briefly slip into the AT1-style pantomime they call “action” (with Thai pronunciation, that’s acTION!). In AUA’s most basic class teachers will continuously act out what they’re saying so that even students who don’t know any Thai at all can understand what’s going on. continued…

My Stay in Ratchaburi: Near and Far, Stupid and Confused, Chickens and…. (5 June 2013)

5 June 2013; AT5 = 1032 hours; total time = 1970 hours; TV = 159.1 hours

I spent most of last month at two small rural temples in the province of Ratchaburi, a roughly two hour drive west of Bangkok. It was a pretty much all-Thai situation Continue reading