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ต เต่า กับ ร เรือ

27 July 2015, TV = 1172.6 hours

AUA: total class time = 2189 hours; taking reading/writing level 2

advanced class = 1202 hours; reading/writing classes = 49 hours

หยุดตรวจ Thai sign by continued…


Chinese Thai

21 November 2014, TV = 1008.5 hours

Wife number three throwing a fit in Thai with a pretty heavy Chinese accent — in contrast, her servant sounds thoroughly Thai to me; from a scene in episode one of มงกุฎดอกส้ม mong kut dawk som, a lakorn about an ethnically Chinese Thai family:


More กขฃ: Fun ‘N’ Games With พยัญชนะ — And สระไทย Too

23 October 2014, TV =  897.5 hours

Screenshot of the Thai vowel game from กอไก่ (ก-ฮ)(สระไทย) ฝึกอ่านไทย APP

Screenshot of the Thai vowel game from กอไก่ (ก-ฮ)(สระไทย) ฝึกอ่านไทย APP

When I started to more actively familiarize myself with the Thai writing system a few months ago, I spent some time on, and found it helpful for learning the Thai letters1, particularly the game that has you match letters’ written forms with their spoken names, and the chart that lets you click on a letter to hear its line from the เอ๋ย กอไก่ poem/song.2 continued…

กขฃ — Music (etc) Videos

14 September 2014, TV = 847.7 hours

I’ve been trying to get more familiar with the Thai “alphabet” lately.1 Partly this is a matter of looking more carefully at the characters, but mostly it’s a matter of getting to know their names and the sounds they represent.

There are a lot of resources online continued…

More Poo Than I Ever Knew: A Failure To Differentiate

8 August 2014, TV = 841.6 hours

I’ve updated the previous post with some corrections and an explanatory note, after a reader pointed out that I’d mistakenly used the same word for both ชมพู่

image retrieved from continued…